2007/10/31 水曜日

New York Times Book Review Nov. 4

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The latest word from Kodansha International:

We received some spectacular news this morning – THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW will feature THE DEVIL’S WHISPER in the Sunday, November 4 issue, in the “Crime” column by Marilyn Stasio.

Stasio gave the book a rave, saying, “Miyabe’s forte is suspense, and here it’s built around the strange behavior of young women being driven to suicide.  But the peculiar fascination of the story lies in its acute observations of the way masochistic shame and guilt play into the social conformity so inhibiting to the Japanese identity.”

NYT Book Review in analog form

To make sense of this you have to click the photo and then move it around on your screen. For the record, there is NO mention of the translator. Anna and I decided at some objective point in our career that no mention of the translator MUST mean it seemed as if there were no translator–which means it must be good. The more invisible the better…

2007/10/30 火曜日


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Here it is!  Our precious baby; isn’t it cute?


2007/10/29 月曜日

My sister Rebecca, the Librarian

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Just one of the ma-a-a-any hats she wears. I’d like to introduce you to her book review blog that she runs at Grinnell College in Iowa. Before anyone makes any Iowa jokes (when you’re done with the Maebashi jokes), let me mention that there is an excellent tofu factory in Grinnell… or a neighboring town. Lots of culture running up and down those rows of corn, just so you know!

Our Iowa family on a visit to Japan

Anyway, these are the sort of book reviews I can deal with (English-English translation: they don’t take longer to read than the book itself!)

I’ve got to find a picture of Iowa to put in here. But until then, here’s a picture of Rebecca and family plus me and mine-minus-one. This picture is also featured in Diversity in Japan, used with permission by Hikari Iwabuchi.

Doris Lessing–she and I have SO much in common

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“Nobel winner reveals key to success” was the title of a 10/26 article in the Daily Yomiuri. It first caught my eye because the photograph of the 88-year-old author looked pretty much like an English version of my mother-in-law on a good day, including the hankie in the pocket, disheveled hair and cup of something in her hand. The front of her house with the bags and bins and overgrown vegetation also looked painfully familiar.

But my favorite part was her response to the question of whether writing was a necessity for her. Her response was, “Yes it is. I have always written, ever since I was a child. Writing is very essential to me and I think it must be some kind of pyschological balance…If I am not writing then I am very prickly and bad-tempered and awkward.”

And there you have it! I have an excuse for what my friends and family have to put up with when I’m between projects–I’m on my way to Nobel fame… as soon as they establish one for translating. Yessssss.

Mexican grocery in Richmond Ca. A good place to find Japanese veggies.

If you click on the pic, you can get it larger…

Trying out an English blog, a lesson in bilingual schizophrenia

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I’ve been trying to figure out how to run both English and Japanese blogs, and I think I may have figured it out! If you look at the categories, and click on English entries, that’s what you’ll get! As I go about my daily business (depending on the day), I come up with lots of things I’d love to put in a blog, and some of them are Japanese-appropriate and some are English-appropriate.

Certain “living in Japan” episodes are appealing to one side but not the other, and now I won’t have to pick and choose anymore.

Soma City Bon Festival. Cheerleaders and sumo wrestlers in Crocs.

I will be decorating the English blogs with some of my husband’s photographs. No outing is complete unless he has 200 photos to show for it. The person who created the digital camera saved my marriage–I’m no longer knee-high in snapshots and negatives. His collection now lives on his computer and makes occasional visits to mine.

2007/10/27 土曜日

Commodore Perry & Doris Lessing ペリーとレッシング

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今週のニュースに親しみを感じる人物が二人いました。一人目はDoris Lessing、今年の文学ノーベル賞受賞者です。彼女は88歳で、小さい時から書き続けてきた作家です。南アフリカ育ちイギリス人のレッシングさんは1950年以来、ほぼ毎年小説を発表しています。そして本人によると次の小説の設定はも決まっています。しかし、Daily Yomiuri のKatherine Hyde の記事で一番嬉しかったことは「書くことはあなたにとって必要ですか」と聞かれた時のレッシングさんのこの返事です。「私にとって、書く事は肝心です。精神的なバランスをとるためだと思います。何も書くことがない時、私は機嫌が悪くて、途方にくれます。」

私の作品はレッシングさんに到底およばなくても、少なくともその気分がよ〜くわかります。Translucent Treeの原稿を提出して、約2週間が立ちます。その間、ほかの仕事がたくさんあったが、そろそろ次の「本」のプロジェクトがはやく決まるといいと思うようになりました。そうです!私は単に満足のできないおばさんではなくて、ノーベル賞受賞者のDoris Lessingと似ている性質を持っていると考えたいと思います。

Fall comes to Mt. Akagi


A beautiful flower for this rainy day

2007/10/22 月曜日


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大学時代、私のでた大学University of the Pacificに青山学院から留学してきた友達のYokoが『英語なるほどライティング』を自分のブログにのせてくれました。留学時代はとても可愛い人として知られましたが、その可愛い彼女は絵が上手で、子供の絵本のイラストに手がけたり、個展を開いたりしています。この間、同窓会で久しぶりにYokoに会えて、若い時のpassionがそのまま性格にでていることと今も自分の夢に追っかけて、がんばっていることに感動しました。

ms. hippo lent especially for this entry

この色っぽいかばの絵は今回の投稿のために送ってもらったものでとても嬉しいです。なんだか、壁にオリジナルを貼っている気分です。それと同じぐらい嬉しいのがYokoのブログに載っている私たちの本の写真です。是非見て、愛情いっぱいの批評も読んで下さい!YokoとMs. Hippoと一緒にずっと夢を追いかけて生きていきたいですね。Kazuko, let’s make our next book a children’s book on English that will need LOTS of illustrations!

2007/10/21 日曜日

ザスパ草津 と ヒルマン

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2007/10/18 木曜日

恩田陸 『木洩れ日に泳ぐ魚』

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