2008/7/27 日曜日

“Casting Out,” a short story by Nobuko Takagi 高樹のぶ子著「投」

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高樹のぶ子先生の“Soaked in Asia” ブログに新作短編の「投」の英訳が載っています。今回の英訳を高樹先生に頼まれて、私のウェブ上英訳が初めてです。高樹先生はアジアの国々を旅して、各国で短編を書いて、雑誌にご出版後、ブログで英訳を乗せています。今回は上海についての話です。是非見て下さい。話の中に石庫門について書かれています。私はこの短編を読む前まで聞いたことがなかったですが、昔からの上海の特徴的な住宅です。最近では次々と取り壊されて、高層ビルがたてられているそうです。

See Nobuko Takagi’s blog, “Soaked in Asia,” and read the English version of her latest short story “Casting Out,” which I translated. Ms. Takagi visits different Asian countries, writing a short story at each location. The story is first printed in the original Japanese in a magazine, and then in English and Japanese on her blog.

The story, set in Shanghai, focuses on a character who lives in a traditional type of dwelling called shikumen. Here is an article on it from The Standard. I’d never heard of shikumen before doing this story. Most are (apparently) made of brick; multi-family dwellings with courtyards. They sound cozy to me, but, according to this and other recent articles, including one in the New Yorker, shikumen are being torn down in droves to make way for skyscrapers.

2008/7/21 月曜日

Beyond the Blossoming Fields 渡辺淳一著『花埋み』英訳発表

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For some reason I cannot fathom, I announced this new book on my website, but forgot to do it up big here!

Beyond the Blossoming Fields by well-known author Jun’ichi Watanabe, and translated by Anna Isozaki and myself–with the kind assistance of Deborah Davidson and Manna Iwabuchi, not to mention all of the kind folk at the Japan Literature PublishingProject (JLPP) ,was published by a fine British publisher, Alma Books, and released this spring.

Watanabe is better known for somewhat racier novels, but this was his first as a doctor-turned-author, the story of Ginko Ogino, the first licensed female doctor in Japan. She was born less than an hour away from where Anna and I live, in Menuma, a small town on the Saitama side of the Gunma border. Of equal interest to me was that she was a Christian. In fact she was baptized by Danjo Ebina, a follower of Niijima Jo (another big Gunma name!) and the first pastor of Maebashi Church, where I am currently a member.

Personally, I love books in the non-fiction genre (truth is always stranger–and often more interesting–than fiction. Ginko led a remarkable and colorful life in Menuma, Tokyo and in Hokkaido. And her persistence in pursuing a career that was specifically and systematically denied to women will keep you spellbound. In addition to the details of the main theme, learn how she struggled throughout most of her life from a serious and chronic disease, how she led a crew of bone smugglers into a graveyard at night, how she ran her practice–the Ogino Clinic, protected prostitutes from the local thugs, her marriage to a man who took her to the wilds of Hokkaido–and much, much more.

The Works of Rebecca Stuhr

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My baby sister just put out her fourth CD of baroque flute music. This one is Joseph Bodin de Boismortier: Six Suites, Op. 35 for Unaccompanied Flute. It’s available at “CD Baby,” (An extremely congenial web site. They send you love letters after you order!)

REBECCA STUHR: Joseph Bodin de Boismortier: Six Suites for Unaccompanied Flute, Op. 35

If you like that one (and I know you will), be sure to order her second-most recent album, Music for Flute & Guitar, with Georges Torres.

2008/7/14 月曜日

週末をおいしくいただきました Food with Affection

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Both daughters are at home, and adding to the pleasure of that, my husband cooked for all of us (including two friends of daughters) Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, we had his specialty, a kind of Japanese-style pork accompanied with a Japanese adaptation of Americanized guacamole dip with tortilla-chips-as-available. Sunday we had chirashizushi and the Okinawan dish–goya champuru–pictured above.

Food full of love and affection and outrageously hilarious conversation. It doesn’t get much better than this!

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