2009/10/31 土曜日

“Devil’s Whisper” (魔術はささやく) Out in Paperback

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This Miyuki Miyabe favorite, translated by Deborah Iwabuchi, will be out in paperback in a couple of weeks.

I love the protagonist in Devil’s Whisper. Mamoru Kusaka is a teenage boy with a sad past, a future that grows bleaker by the moment, but several skills that give him some options.

One aspect of Miyabe’s writing that I regret losing in translation is the meaning in her character’s names.  “Mamoru,” a common boy’s name, is also the verb for “protect,” and that indeed is Mamoru’s role in this suspense novel. Another character is named “Shinjiro,” a play on the imperative form of “believe.” Both names are revealing. Mamoru spends his time trying to take care of business, while Shinjiro is more interested in what he can make others do.

And that’s as far as I can go without giving it all away!

(Enjoy the bright colors on the cover of this new edition as well as the affordable price!)

2009/10/29 木曜日


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よしざわ ようこさんのイラストもここで「予告編」をお楽しみ下さい!

yoko’s eggheads


Bob-sensei not understanding


2009/10/26 月曜日

Bill Cosby–the man who taught me everything I know

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Bill Cosby has finally decided to accept the Mark Twain Prize for Humor.

My brother and sister and I owe our sense of humor in large part to Bill Cosby. I remember lying on the floor at somebody’s house, listening to Bill Cosby’s records. There must have been several families there, filling up every available spot, and we couldn’t stop laughing. We had never heard anything so funny in our lives–and even the adults were wiping their eyes! It wasn’t long before we had our own collection of Bill Cosby records, which we virtually memorized.

We recited Cosby’s monologue on getting his tonsils out on our way to the hospital each time one of us had our tonsils out: “And you’re going to get ALL THE ICE CREAM YOU CAN EAT!” we screamed in unison. My mom later said she was afraid it was going to make us scared (“Don’t tell me that you KILLED JOHNSON!”)  but it left nothing to our imagination, and we knew that, somewhere in it all, there WOULD BE ICE CREAM!

Bill Cosby taught us how to be funny. How to be funny in a way that was not offensive, not crass, and not bullying. He was someone the whole family could enjoy and it made for some fun times together. Bill Cosby has always been an advocate for education, and I’d just like to say that his work and his presence was a secure island of values and useful instruction for me as I grew up in the US in the 1960s and 70s.


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写真集は宮沢正明さんという すばらしい写真家の作品。それに見合う英訳になりますように!

ise jingu bridge


nobori at geku

2009/10/23 金曜日

Kindle: A change in lifestyle

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I couldn’t resist. Within an hour of Amazon’s announcement that Kindle would now be available in Japan, I had already placed my order. It arrived yesterday, and within about an hour of that I had already downloaded two books (it came all set up for me and my current Amazon account: “Welcome, Deborah”). For the first time in my life, I was afraid of what I might do with a credit card.

The disadvantage of Kindle, of course, is that not all books are available in the format, and you can’t pass your favorite books around your best friends, but there are plenty of advantages to the Kindle reading experience.

As someone whose previously excellent  eyesight has been ravaged  by time and occupation, I find Kindle very easy to read. The background is not a gleaming white and the print doesn’t dance around the page on me. There is a little switch that allows you to make print smaller or larger, and the machine opens up to the last page you were on when you set it down. You can add bookmarks and make searches. The device is large enough for comfortable reading (I like to read lying down, and this avoids having to adjust my position to the side of the page) and small enough to drop in your purse to carry around with you.

At the risk of angering purists, the Kindle is a godsend for expatriate native English speakers. No long waits, no shipping charges, no ridiculous mark-ups. As a homeowner with limited and completely occupied shelf space–well, it goes without saying.  In the long run, this sort of reading device should benefit writers as well as readers. I shall soon be investigating the former!

Kindle at work


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8月の里帰り の間は静かでしたが、9月以降は次々から新しいプロジェクトが始まり、大学の後期にも突入しました。



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