2011/2/2 水曜日

iPod Touch 毎日新しい機能の発見

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電子本の研究の関連で、iPod Touchを買ってもらいました。iPhoneより安い上、電話の機能以外はほとんど同じことができる。

キンドルアプリをダウンロード、iBookのアプリもOK。Face Timeで娘と話ができた。Project Gutenburgで本1冊 の朗読をダウンロードして、運転中、調理中読書を楽しんでいます。



iPod as paperweight


2011/1/20 木曜日


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I was searching the web looking for sites that might be helpful for our upcoming blog on ereading (details to come!) when I came across this one: Bookalicious–Two Year Anniversary Giveaway. The blogger here is a prolific reader and reviewer. All levels of books for readers of  all interests. She also discusses the relative merits of “book reading” and “e-reading,” a topic of great interest to me.

In the blog, I came across a category of book that might be a good one for readers in Japan: “Middle Grade.” This is for readers aged perhaps 9-11, and includes  “chapter books.”

Right now, I’d just like to enter the contest and get the free books. The Harper Childrens  Middle Grade Prize Pack looks good to me! If I win, you’ll hear more about these books in March when our new blog on reading is launched.

You can take a look at  Bookalicious yourself or  wait here for mention of Bookalicious reviews.


2011/1/10 月曜日

地域翻訳事務所  neighborhood translations

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no homework!

2011/1/8 土曜日

The best iPhone is an old iPhone

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Women hit their peak for “carrying things” after childbirth. Babies require twice their bodyweight in “stuff.”

too much stuff

We try to pare down over the years, although it takes time to get out of the habit of planning for any contingency that might arise between the house and the supermarket. Last year (more than a quarter century since I achieved motherhood) I finally bought the smallest purse that could hold my glasses, wallet, cellphone and keys.

smallest possible purse

To go places requiring more things, I just throw the small purse into a larger one and add extras.

Reading matter is an occasional issue. I bought a Kindle to keep me stocked with books and magazines, but even that began to feel heavy in my big purse.

kindle reader

While doing some research on ebooks, I  downloaded Kindle app onto my husband’s iPhone. When he updated and got a new one, we realized that the old one–with the Kindle app and all of my archived Kindle books on it–could still be used as a reader even though he was no longer paying fees on it.

If I forgo the huge pack of “point cards” I also tend to carry everywhere, it turns out that my brand new old iPhone ebook reader will fit nicely into my small purse.

Over New Year’s we took a short train trip. On the train we saw couples reading comic books side by side, couples playing with matching game devices, and so on. By the second day, I realized we were the couple, sitting together companionably, but completely absorbed in the separate worlds of our respective iPhones.

books on iPhonemahjong on iPhone

2011/1/6 木曜日

ポスト廃止 :(

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ice creamsugarsoy saucestamps


私は廃業の心の準備ができたと思ったが 、先ほどはがきを出しに行ったら、酒屋の前のポストまで廃止になるとの知らせが貼ってありました。

すぐそばのポストなしでこれからの人生はどうすればいいでしょうか。 うちの前に設置でもできないかな。翻訳事務所兼郵便出張所。いいかもしれません。

where’s my mailbox?

2011/1/4 火曜日

Learning to Love a New Team–the Emperor’s Cup

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After the long Christmas season with its many events, it was somehow unappealing to think about cleaning house and cooking like mad to ring in the New Year in the traditional Japanese way. Never ones to stay up until midnight watching Kohaku Utagassen anyway, we  decided to celebrate our empty nest by chucking all adult responsibility and leaving town.

As everyone in Tokyo headed “home” to the countryside, we got on the Green car of the Shonan Shinjuku line, our home-packed lunch in hand, and sailed off to Tokyo for the Emperor’s Cup championship match.

When we bought our ticket weeks earlier, we had no idea who would be playing or which team we would be rooting for. We bought a seat on the “away side” because, we learned, it gets the afternoon sun.

This year we sat next to the Shimizu S Pulse supporters. S Pulse had a large percussion section that provided a harmonic accompaniment to all of the cheers. To add to the thrill, the supporters didn’t merely sing, they did complicated maneuvers requiring a high level of hand-eye coordination. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn children in Shimizu City are of above-average intelligence. S Pulse player, Ono Shinji, was amazing on the pitch–but we almost missed him due to the fun of watching the supporters. Maybe that was S Pulse’s problem, too, because they lost to Kashima Antlers 2-1. It could have been worse, but I did notice that every time an Antlers player kicked the ball, his red-and-black horizontal-striped socks were shown to excellent advantage.

お正月の正しい祝い方 The Emperor’s Cup

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券は予約席で「アウェイ」と決めています。なぜなら国立競技場の アウェイ席には太陽が当たります。今年のアウェイチームは清水エスパルスです。ベガルタ仙台のサポーターはJ1で一番まとまりがよいと思っていたが、清水はそれ以上なものでした。歌うだけではなく、各チアに振り付けがついています。そして、パーカッション類も色々あります。試合を無視して、応援団にみとられる時間は多かったかもしれません。

鹿島アントラーズのおしゃれな縞模様の靴下は捨てがたかったが、結果的私たちはエスパルスファンになってしまいました。鹿島が勝った時、ちょっとがっかりしました。 でもいいプレーがたくさん見られて、満足です!


soccer on New Year’s!

2010/12/19 日曜日


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candlelight service


the true Christmas story

2010/12/13 月曜日

You can run, but you can’t hide from your adult offspring

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She’s home–again. The girl we thought had left home for good.

Like the bread crumbs Hansel and Gretel left in the forest, like a dog marking it’s territory, her things–earrings, wallet, keys, money, clean and dirty laundry–make a path from her room, through the entry hall, into the living room, once around the dining room and across the  sofa bed where she insists on camping.

She has jet lag, which means she is ready for conversation first thing in the morning. Our quiet mornings are shattered–for the time being, as we reluctantly  (or not) do as we are told.

who’s the boss here?

2010/12/8 水曜日

ザスパファン Welcome!

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前橋にはこんな小さな会社もがんばっています。 よろしくお願いします。Ooooh Thespa


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