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English listening practice: NHK World Live

NHK World Liveで英語リスニング

In 1995, at the time of the Kansai Earthquake, I was in California. The only news I could get on the situation was from the 30-minute NHK World broadcast each afternoon. “NHK World” and “Japan 7 Days,” a weekly program, are produced in English to be aired in other countries.

16 years later, NHK World is once again offering earthquake updates. This time it is available online

and as a smartphone app.

If you have an hour commute to school or work, you should be able to listen to a full cycle of “NHK World” and “Japan 7 Days.” The daily program is new each day, while repeated listening to the weekly program will let you review the same material a number of times.

リスニングの訓練でアメリカのCNN, ABCやイギリスのBBCニュースなどを聞く方法があります。しかしより理解しやすいのは自国のニュースを英語で聞くことです。NHK Worldはパソコン上でもアクセスできますが、NHK Worldアプリをスマートフォンにインストールすれば、最新のニュースばかりでなく、週毎に変わるプログラムを繰り返し聴くことができます。通勤途中などの英語リスニング教材として使えます。