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こんな洋書は読みやすい(2)Holes のペーパーバック版

Holes by Louis Sachar  Level ★★★☆☆

DeborahとKazukoが読んだNewbery Bookは「Holes」です。この作品はNewbery AwardのみならずNational Book Awards(全米図書賞:児童文学部門)というアメリカで最も権威ある文学賞も受賞しています。下記の邦訳があります。

「穴 HOLES」ルイス・サッカー著(講談社文庫)


I went to the bookstore and discovered Holes by Louis Sachar for only 650 yen! I decided to buy it. Holes is set in Camp Green Lake, a prison by a lake with no water. The inmates, all young boys, must dig one hole in the lake every day. What are they looking for? Stanley and Zero are two of the boys. They have had unhappy and unlucky lives, but they embark on an adventure that will change everything. Holes is an adventure, a romance, and a mystery that began about a hundred years before Stanley and Zero were born. The book is written in straightforward English sentences that are easy to understand, and the story is a “page turner” interesting enough for both young people and adults to enjoy. I recommend it for high school and college students and adults who would like to attempt reading an entire book in English.


What is the special advantage of a paperback book? It wasn’t free for me, but I did have fun picking it up and looking at in the bookstore. Now that I have read it, I will have it on hand to share with someone else!