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Samosapedia: 南アジアの英語を学ぶ

Friends of mine are planning a trip to India to take a safari! I thought of them today when I read in the newspaper about “Samosapedia,” an online site to learn English as used in South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka). The name comes from “samosa,” that delicious food we get in Indian restaurants.







Since India was a British colony, most of the population can speak English. But because it is such a huge country, it has gradually became a unique English dialect.

Like Wikipedia, Samosapedia is written by different people. Some of the definitions are serious and many are humorous. Some were rather difficult to understand, but I just skipped them and went onto the next one.

The Word of the Day for August 28 was “one plate poori.” It has no meaning, but can be used after a phrase with “sorry.”

Example:   “Hey, I’m late again, sorry.”     “One plate poori.”

This reminds me of Japanese who say, “Sorry, sorry, ひげ剃り.”