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Cooking in English: goya, goya, goya

Did you grow a “green curtain” this summer? We did, and we have been eating goya every day!

goya1 (2)












Look at these enormous goya that I picked this morning!

goya2 (2)












We get so many that I cut and freeze some of them to eat later. A friend in our mixi community suggested goya salad with sliced onion, canned tuna, and cherry tomatoes. It was delicious!  I recently decided to look for an online recipe for goya.

I found The Daily English Show, which has lots of cooking videos.


Countless recipes are available in English online. Use a simple google search to see what you can find. Our book, 『eリーディング英語学習法 』 explains ways to find recipes, too.  Be sure to let us know if you find an online site that is particularly helpful!