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Sunflare Academy Lecture: It was good to meet you!

Saturday, it was wonderful to meet the people from Sunflare Academy who came to hear us talk about e-reading. We got lots of question from the students—it was exciting to talk to people so interested in new ways of reading and learning English.

During the lecture, we discussed a TED talk by Mark Bezos, but we did not have enough time to show the whole talk. We are putting it here along with 3 quiz questions.


  1. What did the first volunteer rescue for the homeowner?
  2. What did Mark Bezos rescue?
  3. What does Mark Bezos mean by “save the shoes?”

Click here for the answers.

Don’t forget, if you live in the Kansai area, you are invited to come hear us talk about our experience writing our book 『eリーディング学習法』 at the Japan Writer’s Conference.

This is an English-only event, but everyone is welcome and there is no fee (it’s a fun-and-free conference!)