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質の高い、自分に合う英文読み物をどう探せば良いですか? From Deborah

This is a very difficult question, but I thought of a couple of answers.

1.“Good English” is basically easy to understand. It follows the rules of grammar, it doesn’t repeat the same word over and over, and it “feels good” to read. If you read something that is easy to understand and gives you a feeling of satisfaction—you have found something in “good English.”






If the English is poor, you will probably have to read it over and over. The problem is not you!

2.Reading material should be interesting to you. If you read something that makes you want to continue reading, you have found something that suits YOU. In general, “interesting English” is (1) about a topic that you like, or (2) so well-written that you find yourself interested—even in a brand-new topic.

If you start reading something and quickly get tired of it, it is not suited to you. Even if someone else recommends reading material, don’t worry if you are not interested. Find something new that you like! One of our mixi community members mentioned that US President Obama provides good many examples of English that both feel good and are interesting to read.

In our blog, we try to give examples of books and websites, etc. that we hope our readers will like. We would love to know what you think!

Let us know what sort of reading material “feels good” and is interesting for you!