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English Reading & Listening: Meet Jim Swan

Listening to music is a good way to learn a language, but often lyrics are impossible to understand. Not a problem with the music of Jim Swan, who wrote and performed during the 1970s and 80s and has recently had his songs digitized. His comfortable tenor voice accompanied by acoustical guitar is perfect for folk music lovers, young and old. Listen, enjoy, learn a little English.

Jim Swan's None-Too-Great Hits












I met Jim, a professor at Nara University, the other day at the Japan Writer’s Conference in Kobe, and felt that I got to know him much better after listening to his CD. It is almost like reading his memoirs: the songs are about leaving home, falling in love, getting the girl of his dreams, and raising a son. “None-Too-Great-Hits” is a great idea for parents looking to teach their children English—kids will learn the songs quickly and they are easy enough for adults to sing along with confidence!

Here are the lyrics to a catchy tune that cheers me up even in the rainy weather we’ve been having.





Good, good, good — I’m feeling so good today

I think it all began when you first came my way

So let’s hold on tight –don’t let it slip away

It feels so good to feel so good today


I’ve always been complaining that love has passed me by

Been watching from the sidelines while other people fly!

But you came into my life and now I’ve got to say

It feels so good to feel so good today!




You know, I’ve had some hard times

The blues have come my way – –

But everything began to change

When you first came to stay – –


Jim Swan’s CD “None-Too-Great-Hits” is available on iTunes. You can listen to samples and buy individual songs or the entire album.