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THEY DRAW & COOK 絵を楽しんで、レシピを手に入れる、料理をする

I recently bought a book entitled THEY DRAW & COOK. It is a book of illustration-recipes. Each recipe is a picture drawn by a different illustrator-cook, so every page is beautiful. Reading the recipes is fun too because they are all drawn and written in different styles, but most are simple to follow.

There are 3 ways to enjoy THEY DRAW & COOK, and two of them are fun & free!

1. Buy the book from  About 1500 yen

ピクチャ 1










2. Visit the blog–new illustration-recipes every day. FREE!

ピクチャ 2






3. “Like” the Facebook page and get new recipes delivered to your Facebook Wall! FREE

ピクチャ 3







From the book, I made quiche and lentil soup last night. Delicious! Today I’m going to try sag panir, Indian curry made with spinach. In 2012, my goal will be to try out as many recipes as possible from all three sources!