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Reading Bestselling Novels

We recently met Hirokazu Suzuki, a machine translation developer for Toshiba. We talked with him about reading and he mentioned that he finds “bestsellers” easy to read, and kindly gave us the titles of a few of his favorite books:

The Lincoln Rhyme novels by Jeffrey Deaver

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

Angels & Demons, The Lost Symbol and Deception Point by Dan Brown

Hirokazu’s comment about these books: “Many books of bestseller writers seem easy to read even for non-native English speakers. Sometimes terminology, ‘technical jargon’ so to speak, is difficult but syntax, that is sentence structure, is simple. So I think their sentences are easy to read.”

Bestselling novels are easy to find, even in Japan, but they can also be very long! Before buying an entire book, you can always download a free Kindle sample. In our book, eリーディング英語学習法:アマゾン、グーグルから電子デバイスまで、we explain how to download Kindle apps and Kindle samples—all free of charge. We will be discussing this in upcoming blog postings, too. Stay tuned!


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