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Cookbook from Prison: From the Big House to Your House

In murder mysteries and crime movies, characters will often mention “the big house.” The word means “prison.” If someone is “sent up to the big house,” it means they will be in prison for a while.

A group of six women prisoners used this old, cold term in a new warm way. They have written a cookbook that describes how and what they cook in their tiny cells. The title is From the Big House to Your House.

Read about it in this article. It’s a good one because it explains some of the terminology that might not be familiar to people with no experience in jail.

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As you can see, From the Big House to Your House has a “Click to LOOK INSIDE!” icon.

Click on the icon, and then move through the first pages to the Table of Contents. You can read quite a few of the recipes to see what kind of dishes Big House cooks have developed using only cooked ingredients and pots that are used to warm up (not boil) water. Reading through the recipes, I had to appreciate their imagination and creativity.

Between each recipe is a “fact” about prisons in Texas, so you can get a picture of life there  just reading the samples of this book.

From the Big House to Your House is available on both and

In the US, prisoners cannot write books and sell them for profit, so all of the profits for this book go to The Justice Institute, a group that works for innocent people who have ended up in prison.