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Read about recovery in English 複興を英語で読む

The Daily Yomiuri has a section from the Los Angeles Times newspaper every Monday. Today’s section had 3 articles on recovery in Japan. One seemed especially good for non-native English readers:

“The 1,ooo-year-old warning” by Jose Holguin-Veras. There was also a follow-up article with a couple of photographs.

Holguin-Veras writes about Miyatojima in Matsushima Bay. The island  was hit on both sides by two tsunami on March 11, 2011, but most of the inhabitants survived. The modern warning system failed, but the village of Murohama on Miyatojima was saved by a story that had been passed down for 1000 years.

What was the story? What was the truth behind it?

Read about it in English!


This picture is a hint!

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  1. 清水 ミシェル より:

    What a great story! If more people would listen to the wisdom from the past, the world might be a better place!?!?!

  2. Deborah より:

    Yes, Michele, I agree. There is a lot we could benefit from!

  3. Michele Shimizu より:

    Love your website:)