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寒くなったら温泉猿たちと暖かくJapanese Macaques at Jigokudani

I was surprised to learn that the world famous Japanese macaques, or Snow Monkeys, and their hot springs bath are just a couple of hours away in Jigokudani in Nagano. The winter scenes of snow-covered macaques warming up in the natural spa are the best known, but the Yaen-koen (Wild Monkey Park) is open year round.

I was even more surprised to see the excellent English-language website operated by Yaen-koen.

ピクチャ 6







ピクチャ 7












Rather than reading the Japanese version, why not read in English about the friendly troop of monkeys and their bathing habits?  Along with beautiful photos and all kinds of information, the website features a live web cam of the special hot springs bath where only the macaques are welcome. The web cam goes off at night, but during the day you can see people coming and going and taking photos without fazing the monkeys in the least.