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Bilingual Articles for Language Students on Both Sides

I ran into the “Bilingual” column from the Japan Times.

Hit product lists laud the year’s marketing successes

The article was about hit products, or hitto shohin or ヒット商品, of 2012.

At first I found the article difficult to navigate because it jumped back and forth from English to Japanese, but I gradually realized it could be a great resource for students of both English and Japanese to find words in the news and lots of articles on Japanese society.

ピクチャ 1




I clicked on BILINGUAL at the top of the article and got a long list of other such articles.

The second one on the list was about the recent election.

No loss for words when expressing scale of DPJ’s defeat

I was also interested in words used in articles on bullying in schools

School bullies need to take responsibility for their actions

And about how Japanese women feel about getting married and having families,

Switching to mama mode is not easy for today’s gals

There was an article on Hiroshi Mikitani, CEO of Rakuten

Mikitani and his “Englishnization” of Japanese business

And many others. So, what was the top hit product of 2012 in Japan? Click on the link for the article to find out!