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Snap Judgment Radio–釘付けになる聞きやすい英語のストリー

Snap Judgment Radio is a radio program with the motto “story telling with a beat.” It is easy to click on entire programs or single episodes from the website. You can also download podcasts.

The English used in the stories is easy to understand as well as interesting.

Yesterday I learned about a story from Snap Judgment that was on Youtube. The performer is a 15-year-old boy, Noah St. John, talking about his family: him and his two mamas, Robin and Maria, and their car, a Honda CR-V. Recently, gay marriage has become a hot topic in the US, and this story highlights how a gay family is no different from any family–his mamas fight and he worries about and loves them. Don’t worry, this story has a very moving and happy ending! Listen and find out.