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Micaela Braithwaite is a twenty-five-year-old Canadian who came to Fukuoka in 2010. She began making videos about Japanese culture and was recently named mayor of Kawaii-ku, a virtual ward of Fukuoka City.

I read about her in the newspaper and then made a web search to find out more. I found the Kawaii-ku site to read about the Kawaii-ku concept, and then clicked on one of Micaela’s pictures to move to Micaela’s Room. There were messages in both Japanese and English. There were also several videos the “new mayor” has made about Fukuoka.

 Finally, I looked up Micaela on YouTube and watched a few of her other videos.

Micaela’s Japanese and English are both easy to understand, and who can resist such a “kawaii” young woman making clever and informative videos on Japanese culture? Personally, I’m ready to go visit the outdoor stalls in the video below!