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English Reading Opportunities—Still Fun and Free?

After writing our book on e-reading, we began this blog to as a way to offer readers new ideas for reading that were “fun and free.”

 In our experience, English reading materials tend to be expensive. English-learners often buy expensive books that they are unable to finish.

 We want English learners to be able to find short, interesting articles for improving English skills. Rather than having a disappointing reading experience, we wanted learners to be “set for success.”

 Recently, though, some free English sources are less available. For example—my favorite—newspapers.  Most online newspapers offer limited access–about 10 articles a month—before a site is closed to a reader. While this is, of course, the only way newspapers and other publications can survive, it means that we must be more careful when accessing them.

Here is an example of a message from The New York Times:

You have read 9 of 10 free articles this month.

Try unlimited access for just 99¢ US.

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Here are a few ideas for using your “free” articles more carefully.

(1)  First, access the website for a newspaper.

(2)  Next, read over the article titles.

(3)  Click only on articles you want to read.

(4)  Print or download the article if you cannot read it all at once or want to look at it again later.