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コレド室町で英語の「お・も・て・な・し」ツアー Touring COREDO Muromachi in English

Today the Japan News had an article on six women from different countries who serve as kimono-clad concierge at COREDO shopping malls in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

Accounting for about a quarter of the total concierge at the mall, these six are all fluent in Japanese, and capable of helping visitors from all over the world.










On Saturdays, these versatile young women provide tours of the mall and its shops from all over the country. What a great way to get a glimpse at the different regions even if you can’t visit them all.

 Here is the website with times and days for tours. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem possible to access it from the extensive Japanese websites for the malls.

 The link and more information come from the Nihonbashi website.

English opportunities:

1. Read the online newspaper article

2. Visit the Nihonbashi website  and special website on Saturday tours

3. Go to COREDO Muromachi and meet one of the non-Japanese concierge with a few prepared questions in hand.

4. Take a Saturday tour (reservations required!)


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